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Are you interested in becoming a Maskcara Artist?

Hey beautiful!  You may have questions about what becoming an Artist means. Keep reading.  Hopefully I answer all of your questions here. If not, feel free to send me a message!    



How do I learn to be an Artist? Does anyone help me?

Once you become an Artist, Maskcara has a variety of resources available to you for training.  If you join my team, Maskcara will notify me, and I'll get a Welcome Packet sent to you that answers questions and gets you started!  We utilize Facebook to communicate as a company.  Once you're on my team I will add you to multiple Facebook groups with Maskcara Corporate for the entire Maskcara community, and to other groups as well that are for our smaller team. We have continued education through these resources, and work together as a team to help everyone who is willing to put in the work to be successful! It’s a lot of fun and women all over the country are enjoying way more success than they originally planned.

Are there minimum sales requirements?

There are no minimum sales requirements. Ever.

Is there an Artist discount?

We are given a 20% Artist discount on ANY Maskcara products we want to purchase.    - BUT -   Maskcara gives us a 20% commission automatically (even on our own personal purchases) so I actually recommend NOT using the artist discount. You’ll end up making more money using the alternate means Maskcara gives us! But we teach you all of that from day one.

How much are the commissions I'll make?

You will always make a commission on your own sales volume no matter what that volume is. And you’ll always make a minimum of 20%. The more you sell, the higher commission percentage you make! There are criteria for being paid on your team’s sales - you have to meet the requirements for whatever rank you’re at, but I’ve never not met those requirements.


Personal Sales within one month

cv $1 - $319               20%  (on sv) paid weekly

cv $320 - $639          +5% (on sv) paid monthly

cv $640 - $1599        +5% (on sv) paid monthly

cv $1600 - $3199       +5% (on sv) paid monthly

cv $3200+                +5% (on sv) paid monthly


Do I have to have any type of license or schooling to become an Artist?

Absolutely not! If you love this makeup, want to work and love sharing it, that's all you need to be an Artist! (For Canadian Artists, please see section “Information for Canadian Artists!”)

Do I have to carry inventory?

You don’t have to carry inventory, manage products, returns, exchanges, or shipping. Which means you get to keep 100% of your commissions without having to put it back into your business in order to be successful. It’s awesome.

How much does it cost to be an Artist?

One requirement to be an Artist is to pay an $11.95 monthly back office fee. This fee is what pays for Maskcara to manage your website for you. You don’t have to load images, update sales info, manage sale items, track sales or commissions, etc. Maskcara does all of that for us. The only other cost for you is purchasing your Artist kit. You can choose between The Basic Kit at $199 or the Pro Kit at $399. (For Canadian Artists, please see section “Information for Canadian Artists!”)

Choosing an Artist Kit:

It doesn’t matter which kit you choose, each will allow you the same access and resources as an Artist. If the $399 kit is within your budget, I strongly recommend purchasing that one. However, if your plan is to wait until you are able to budget the $399 kit, I recommend you purchase the smaller $199 Basic Kit, and I can teach you how to utilize your Artist resources to fill that kit with the remaining items you didn’t receive initially, over time and from your personal sales. It’s smarter to purchase the smaller kit and get to work,  than wait till you save to purchase the Pro Kit.


What's included in this Pro kit?

Retail value of $850

  • essentials kit +

  • 21 IIID foundation singles

  • 12 eyeshadows

  • 2 powder singles

  • 6 brushes/ 1 perfector

  • 4 compacts

  • MILK moisturizing cream

  • 20 temporary tattoos

    What's included in this Basic kit?

     Retail value of $500

  • essentials kit +

  • 18 IIID foundation singles

  • 1 powder single

  • 2 brushes/ 1 perfector

  • 3 compacts



Information for Canadian Artists!

Will the Ask Customer Service email be the same for Canadian artists and customers? 
Yes! Please use the contact form on the website to contact ASK for any questions or concerns.

Can a US artist sign up a Canadian artist under them and vice versa? 
Yes, the process for signing up artists will remain the same no matter the originating country of the signee and sponsor.

Will Party Rewards remain the same for Canadian Artists? 
Rewards will be adjusted to match the exchange rate.

What is the monthly back-office fee? 

What kits will be available to Canadian Artists? 
Only the Basic Kit (C$279) will be offered at this time. Unfortunately we can’t provide a larger kit due to Canadian regulations.

Is the website the same for Canada and US?
Yes, based on your geographical location it will default to the correct country.
There will also be a dropdown menu in the top right corner to select your country if needed.

Can a customer from Canada order from an artist in the US and vice versa?
Yes, cross-border customers are allowed. 
If you are a customer from Canada and ordering from a US artist, you would then make sure you are on that US artist’s page, but have the Canadian flag up in the corner. Vice versa if you’re a US Customer ordering under a Canadian Artist.

Will all Maskcara Beauty products be available in Canada? 
The Artist Pro Kit, a few compact colors and Stay spray with SPF will not be available.

Why is Stay with SPF not available in Canada?  
The difference in regulations for SPF products creates a longer timeline for making this available.

Canadian Artists will need a special license to do direct sales in Canada. Canadian Artists will need to pay for this license themselves. More information on the Canada Direct Sellers License will be coming soon.

Due to regulations, Maskcara Beauty is not able to support artists in Quebec at this time.

Are you ready to do this?!?

If you still have questions, I'm happy to help!  Send me a message and we'll chat!